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High-Quality Consulting

The Optimal Solution Group is a dynamic consulting firm with a track record of excellence in delivering efficient and effective solutions across various industries. 

Led by a dedicated United States Marine Corps veteran, our team combines a deep understanding of government and private sector organizations with extensive experience in project management, process improvement, and call center operations. 

We are committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective services that drive measurable results.


Strategic Simulation

Our expertise includes facilitating strategic simulation projects that enhance workforce emotional intelligence and leadership evaluations, particularly valuable for government agencies.

Project Management

With seasoned senior project managers and consultants, we lead complex initiatives, ensuring high-quality, timely, and cost-effective solutions aligned with scope and organizational strategy.

Contract Compliance

Our team excels in contract compliance and performance oversight, with a demonstrated ability to minimize financial penalties and manage contract risks. We design KPI-based reporting, policies, and procedures to ensure compliance.

Process Re-engineering

We excel in conducting thorough process re-engineering assessments, database mapping, and data analyses to drive process improvement initiatives. Our recent project achieved a cost-saving of $802,000.

Performance Improvement

We have a proven track record of improving performance in clinical call centers, achieving increased call handling capacity, reduced abandoned calls, and decreased average handling time.

Call Center Optimization

Our experience includes optimizing call center operations by addressing challenges such as ineffective call routing, lengthy scripting, and inefficient staffing models. We are proficient in Genesys, Avaya, and Nice InContact platforms.

Meet Our Founder & CEO

Guerry Nelson Jr., MBA, CSM

Founder & CEO

As a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Mr. Nelson founded The Optimal Solution Group. Mr. Nelson is a solution driven leader with extensive years of business operations management, project management and call center performance experience. He has demonstrated the ability to implement strategies to ensure high quality productivity, maximized efficiency and increased performance with lean resources. As proven by his impressive portfolio, Mr. Nelson is versed in key performance indicator (KPI), needs assessments, and metric analyses to identify process improvement opportunities and risks to contractual obligations, service quality, service level agreements (SLA), scheduling, and budgets.  Mr. Nelson has delivered quality implementations in government, health care, pharmaceutical, call center, telephony, and information technology industries with dynamic ability to immerse in any subject matter area. 

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